Come see my own version of the best of the best and top lists.

These are lists that gave me a real, surreal feel and escape from this world.  In my life, there are some lists that made me see the world around me stop in motion for a while.  Some moved me to tears because I would have to choose which toys I would have to let go and give to my younger brother.  Some lists are just not important, and some lists breathe a life-like existence for long.

In this life, doing a list of anything can sometimes suddenly paint a world of dream factory, of far, far away land in a colorful bliss.  Sometimes, my list are waiting for me to add or remove something.  There are ecstatic joys brought about in my life by the things, names and items that now play a role in my lists.  And these lists that I made are not there for nothing, they create order, sometimes chaos, and sometimes confusion.

This joy of doing the lists of things is one of the habits I cannot break since I was a child, and am continuing it for you and my sake.

Every now and then, I will update this page.  As for now, you will not see my list running down the hall.